I had the honour to appear on tarotlicia’s podcast/IGTV to talk about astrology.

In it, I compared a birth chart to pizza–planets as toppings, signs as sauce and houses as the actual slices. Give the show a listen.

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YQ, Felicia

Felicia 00:02

Got it. Hello like you. So this hair lesion we invite you here to do the podcast a passerby, and she’ll be sharing with us about horoscope and astrology. So I can be very confused. Like, what’s the difference between astrology and horoscope? Is that a myth? Do we have?

YQ 00:20

Um, so awesome questions. So Hi everybody, I’m like you from making magic. So I guess before we start actually, right, we can just talk a little bit about what astrology is. And in something interesting as well, right, the origin of the word horoscope is like the watch of the time. So actually, horoscope before it became what we know today, you know, like, when you flip the magazine, you see, oh, you know what’s happening for me this month, or what’s happening for me today, horoscope actually meant the whole birth chart as well. But then it only became super popular in 1937, when a British astrologer was like, commissioned to write like, predictions, I’m using air quotes in a podcast, or predictions for the different signs out. Astrology, basically, is I am, there are many, many branches of astrology. But I think guys, what we’re talking about today is the birth chart astrology. So it’s kind of like the natal astrology when you were born. Imagine that. We are looking like we are like, God, or we are the universe. And then we take a snapshot of what’s happening in the solar system. And then the different positions of the planets a different distance and also relationship of planets is our birth chart. so I guess most of you guys already have during their birth chart, have you Felicia?

Felicia 01:42

I tried but I really cannot isn’t it I do like us? I think I tried to use above chart but I really couldn’t like find it or like plot in so I haven’t really tried years before but I usually try to cafe astrology one and it was okay. I bet you quite Yeah, that is super, super accurate for me in terms of the general one. But in terms of one that tells us about the degree or the houses. That one resonates with me quite a bit. Not a lot.

YQ 02:08

Okay. Okay. Well, we’ll talk more about like, why it doesn’t resonate as well. Further down. So basically, for anyone who has during their birth chart, for example, cafe astrology does have it as well. It will look like a pizza pie. And then for it to be really, really accurate we need your accurate birth time. For example, I had been using a birth chart there was 10 minutes too late. And when I actually got the right timing a lot of things made a lot more sense. So astrology versus the horoscope that you see in like the daily papers, right? How do I say this? Some professional astrologers when they do these horoscopes quote monks, air quotes, as well can be quite accurate. So I have a friend who’s an avid astrologer, and he totally totally loves this townies, professional astrologer called tongues young Jessie tongue. So if you guys are in the Chinese speaking space, she is super popular. And for him, Whatever she says, right? He’s always like, Oh my gosh, it’s happening in my life. And then he has a group of friends who says that as well. So professional ones, yes, it works. But I think sometimes if you’re looking at magazines, I probably at some point, internal and internal, you have to write whatever and then they will just write whatever

Felicia 03:24

is on T dish magazines in the past. There used to be a lot. I think they also have that and I used to follow it, but it never resonates with me.

YQ 03:31

Oh, yeah. So funny stories. Well, I used to work for results or Sentosa and then I was asked to write a horoscope. And now it’s okay, I’ll say another I didn’t I did not only start a stralla G around 2018. Yes. What am I didn’t Yeah. So I also started so for me my astrology journey started when I was nine years old. I went to this book fair and I bought this illustrated, you know, I think it was translated from Japanese. So as illustrated Chinese astrology is it’s like a very cartoon I was I was very excited. Oh, they say that a Taurus is very good at money. I’m like, Yeah, I love money.


Oh, no, it makes sense. Why look?

YQ 04:17

No, no, I guess there was always a conception that tourists love money and I agree with it. So um, let me see. So we saw I was saying that horoscope can be accurate depending on who writes it. But I would say that if you’re looking at newspapers, if you’re looking at you know, I think most of the time if a magazine does hire an astrologer to write they will quote the astrologer or even so for example, some astrology apps, they actually hire astrologers, then those would be more, quote unquote accurate as well. But but but in the end, it also depends on your birth chart. You know, you can be going through different things depending on your personal birth chart as well.

Felicia 05:00

Yeah. Is there anything that we should know about both chats? So because I know that not as funny Oh, I saw a big pose. And you know, it was a story that is like, you know, what kind of houses and what kind of planets in what degrees? Nothing doesn’t matter. It’s all super confusing.

YQ 05:14

Totally matter. Yeah. I would say let me you can cut it off otherwise, but let me see. Yes. So when you generate a birth chart, especially if you have the accurate timing, what you will have is the planets in a sign and in the house. So everything


in the house.

YQ 05:38

Yeah, no problem. Yeah. So if you look at for example, it’s a pizza pie, right? So it’s a pizza. It’s a pizza. Imagine the planets as a different ingredients. Venus? Venus. Yeah. And then yeah, so in a birth chart, are you irregular brochure we have 10 planets. So Pluto is the planet. The Earth is our planet, the moon is considered one of the beings or it’s a luminary. So it shines. So it’s part of it. So the planets? Yes, yeah. And quote unquote planets as well. The moon is the moon consider a planet in in the birth chart. so let’s just work with that. So the different planets are in different signs. So the signs are if you’re a pizza pie, right? The signs are the different flavors. So for example, Aries is chili. So it’s like a chili flavor on the pizza, and then Taurus is I was thinking something creamy, creamy. Luxurious. So imagine, so for example, a pepperoni. Let me see a pepperoni can be more so the Mars is about like our drive our energy, our willingness to move ahead, right? So a pepperoni is is in the sauce that is a chili party sauce, then it means that when you’re eating the pepperoni in the chili party, you will feel it very hard. But if your pepperoni is in something more mellow, like the cream, right, then how the planet works will be quite different. So both Oh, there are pepperoni flavored pepperonis but they have different flavors. So your planets are different signs. The signs are different flavors. Also, it also describes the way your planet like is is always is expressed. Felicia, do you know what your moon sign is? Sagittarius? Oh, I have it. as well. Yeah. I can imagine very quickly as well. And also other parts of my chart says it. So for example, when you say impatient very quickly, right? Because Sagittarius is a fire sign we’ll talk about like the different elements as well. It’s a fire so imagine just something burning right? So the moon is our emotions. And then if your emotions are easily fired up, then yes, you get impatient quite quickly. But if someone were to have the moon in, let’s see the Moon in Libra

Felicia 08:11

and I’m like, I need to get things like that.

YQ 08:14

So you’re so you’re both Leo Sun and Moon in Sagittarius. Oh, yeah. So yeah, okay. So for example for someone the Moon in Libra is like, how the emotions work is very consider about what the other people are thinking about. So I don’t know what what ingredient or pizza. But let’s say for the Alibaba I don’t like olives, but Okay, perfect. So if your olive is in Sagittarius sauce, I think it’s a sweet and sour sauce. And then it’d be very very different from someone who who’s already is strange in a different way. So, so yeah, so then if we just quickly run through the different planets I have been trying to link like to like, quote unquote teach astrology through Sailor Moon. Interesting. Yeah. So there’s very a lot of similarities but the problem with me is that I haven’t really fully watched a lot more than that so yeah, so for example, the moon if you think about who saggy then she’s like the Delete character, but she’s always crying. So the moon is like, the emotions as well. But her Moon is in cancer, then a lot of the more crying stuff happened. So then mercury, if you think about mercury in the Greek mythology, as well, he’s the God of communication is the core of commerce and transport. So Mercury is how we communicate well, Venus is the goddess of love. And then then for our Venus in our birth chart is how we show love that so if you kind of know the Greek slash Roman mythology, you can, I guess, picked up a bit of astrology easier. Then let’s talk about the houses. You’re What Is that enough? Yes more about Yeah, more about


a thing right? Yeah. So

YQ 10:07

there are 12 houses or equally near 12 signs 10 planners and we have 12 houses. Yes. And we have templates plus a bunch of other things. Yes. So for those who love info, the signs all have 30 degrees so it’s a 360 degree

Felicia 10:26

pie all the signs have 30 degrees all of yes yeah

YQ 10:30

so yeah so it’s a very equals or when you look at it, the signs are equal but if your houses are not really great it’s not everyone’s houses at 30 Louis so it can be if you were born like if for example for us were born in the equator right then our our houses are quite equal. But if you were born somewhere for the north where the sun sets out quite late right then your chart can very very skewed so for example, if you try to see Princess Diana shot, it will be very different from ours. So the houses are where you put your action in. For example, some Sometimes people tell me Oh no, I don’t have anything in the house of romance and relationship doesn’t mean that I will never have a partner. No, no, no, I actually means more that you don’t really care about what you need from a partner so then you would have to look at your birth chart the other places where your planets fall in so for example, for someone whose planets a lot of them fall into the sixth house, it’s about work it’s about health I have a friend who has a lot of Sixth house and she was she is very focused on the health because I guess when she was born that like the health was a bit of more concern but for me I have zero things in my sixth house was yours help and also work I don’t know if I should say this. I won’t let my boss this advice. I don’t know what haha but um yeah, so if you’re looking at birth chart then you see where the planets where the houses the planets land, it also means that where the planets energy needs to be expressed so for example, if someone’s Mercury communication is in the work house them for example during work, they always need to be talking or they would have colleagues who are just very talkative Yeah,

Felicia 12:19

essentially it’s just like oh, if you’re curious and for example, a reason you will talk about counting but I didn’t talk about like the different planets that follows it the different like aspects of for example where it’s like work alright relationships.

YQ 12:36

So if anything you brought up mercury in Aries which I have and because my first house yeah I speak fast and it’s funny that you said for someone mercury in Aries doesn’t mean that they would it means that they will speak fast but in different places but for mine it’s very very near the ascendant so it means that it shows up very easily for me not so that I appear a lot to talk yeah, so Oh, it’s something that brings me a lot of joy as well but for someone for example, who has mercury in Aries maybe in the fourth house of family then perhaps they talk a lot at home versus me who like I me as a person talks a lot while the other person Yeah. In general and I show up talking Yeah, so versus someone who has it differently. So for example, if someone had it in the Korea House, the 10th house and maybe in the Korea they always need to be talking I don’t like to talk about working out but I like to tell stories on my own because of yourself. And now I’m just okay on my own and people How do you do that

YQ 13:50

so I guess one thing about it is that once you understand our birth chart right for me, personally how I see astrology is that I don’t know whether you guys who are listening you guys also play The Sims. I don’t Okay, then let me see that. Okay. Yeah, so So when you are starting a game when in The Sims right, they let you set up the character so Okay, so the man is that a woman is gender neutral? What do they like so for example, they like reading they like painting and you can set it up and then and then when you are playing the game. The person who likes reading will read pasta will gain more knowledge faster but if you ask them to like Cook, maybe there’s no cooking skills then you do a lot slower so for me once you know your birth chart is Can your you know your sibling setting and then you leaning into the things that you comes easier for you doesn’t mean that you just ignore whatever doesn’t come easily for you, but it’s more about like if something doesn’t come as easy you don’t blame yourself for it. But of course you don’t say that just because I have mercury in Aries. I like to fight No, no. Yeah, that’s okay. That’s me. Yeah, so it’s a sim setting. So once you know what your factory setting sim setting is, it’s easier to work on what comes easily for you and then I guess also to let other people do whatever they are comfortable for. So for example for me, right I don’t have any planets in the community house and I palaces, so it’s like a friendship and then yeah, so I have zero things there it it means that I don’t care about it in it to start with but this that there’s no planet inside on. Yeah, so


it’s Oh,

YQ 15:45

I mean, for me naturally, when I’m born, I don’t really care about it.


Yet friends kind of thing.

YQ 15:55

Friends, friends, like, friends, like close friends. Yes. But like big groups, maybe I it’s not something that I I don’t also don’t say particularly enjoy. But it’s more like, I don’t go out and look for it. I know. Yeah, I but sometimes, what can happen is that in your booklet, there’s nothing there. Right. But if in the sky, currently, there’s a planet that is going into that particular house and triggers it, then there would be some feelings related to it as well. So for example, I have the planet Saturn. So Saturn is about stress about responsibility and about like structure in the sky. It’s entering my Friendship House. So I kind of feel that Oh, no, I feel maybe I do want some and then there was a period where I was kind of like, envious of people who are like, very comfortable doing that. But then I have to tell myself, yes. Yeah, you don’t have to be so envious, that Oh, other people making friends like willy nilly. So easy. Well, for me, it’s like, you know, you’d never practice it as well. Because if you do have a lot of things there, it’s kind of you are very comfortable, like making friends. And for me, there’s none then it’s like, Okay, now, whether you in the current situation, do you want to approach this? And how do you want to approach it? And then it’s also like a learning a learning chance for everyone as well, depending on where the planets in the sky are.

Felicia 17:23

But the Oh, I was confused about a decrease. Because the degree isn’t, isn’t like one two, like how many degrees turn? It’s

YQ 17:32

30 degrees? You know? No. Yeah. 30 only Um, oh, yeah. Because the planets right? So don’t don’t You don’t have to start to decrease if you’re starting out. So if the sign is enough, and then in house is enough, and then you the deeper you go is when you actually have to play with the degrees. So I mentioned just now each sign has 30 degrees, but they start from zero so zero to 29. And then you really that so for example, if you were to tell them stralla G my Mercury is in Aries in 12 degrees, it doesn’t mean anything for them at all because they have your whole birth chart. Yeah. Because you just only told me one info is kind of me telling you my hair is black. And then you’re like okay, you could be Caucasian, you’re a black person. Yeah. Because I have to see oh you Yeah, but if I were to look at your chart and then I see that oh your Mercury is in the 12 degrees Aries which is a fire sign and then your moon is in eight degrees Sagittarius that means that both on fire sign so that means that they have a nice relationship is called Trine and they have a nice relationship and 12 and eight are quite near so it means that they have relationships so it’s much deeper is basically when I was learning astrology this is probably week four week five. I don’t You don’t have to start so soon.

Felicia 19:01

You have to go to an entire class just to learn astrology isn’t it for me personally,

YQ 19:05

for me personally, is that I try learning astrology. So for example, kappa astrology. I was reading it i i was like you make sense? Some, some don’t make sense of something like why is it everything because it’s a computer generated thing. They can only turn out what one particular thing means. So for example, just now it’s like my hair is black. But you know is your hair curly is your hair blah, blah, blah. The it’s enough to tell like a person so for example, if if your mom is Okay, tomorrow, your man marrying a man with black hair. There’s the rest of him. So when so I would say that Kevin’s Raj is great to start with. But if people are able to number one, sit down with an astrologer who can point things out that might be easier, but if you like to learn right, I would say that for me personally Learning with a person, they actually could point things out that the chat during the or even like an online course cannot really tell because they’re able to, like, be very intimate with your chart as well. So the degrees thing, don’t need to worry that much in the beginning, like, Was there any reason why you were like very confused about degrees?

Felicia 20:23

No, because I read I see you guys I’m mentioning about it. There’s so many degrees and how like, each degree matters. No, like one does.

YQ 20:33

Yeah, so does do people say degrees? Yeah, I mean,


I see like, your IG story. I’m like, oh,

YQ 20:41

okay, okay. Okay, no, okay, no. Um, so the reason I mentioned degrees is for New Moon and full moon intentions, I think. So, basically, if you were to set intentions using the new moon, the reason I use decrease is because each degree would be in different parts of your birth chart, then it kind of triggers a different product, because for example, Aquarius at 30 degrees, right? Part of it could be in your sixth house, part of it could be, you know, seventh house, and then when you specifically are able to tell where it lands, then you can like set the intention, but in much more detail. So that’s the only time I actually use. Yeah, so yes, I mean, oh, no, no, I actually, I retract that. That’s the time when I actually say out loud what the degrees are. Because personally, if I were to say, Yeah, so for example, I said, it’s like, oh, my Mercury is 12 degrees. Aries, then that doesn’t is not helpful.

Felicia 21:39

Yeah. Mm hmm. Oh, can I make sense? That is very curious. Because we talked about like, fire sign that we know that that Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius Sagittarius Yeah. But you know, like, I kind of know that fire sign means that they’re more probably a little bit more like impulsive, impatient kind of thing. But what’s the differences between each door? Like, is there a difference between like Aries Sagittarius? Or like, do what’s the major difference between them kind of thing?

YQ 22:09

So question. So in astrology, so I guess we just zoom out a bit. So astrology, the signs are divided into four elements. So elements is kind of similar to Chinese where it is like, so according to fire. So in Western astrology, there’s fire earth, air and water. So there are four, what’s called element elements. I started and then and then so besides these four elements, there are three modalities modalities can sound like, oh, did you mean like? Yeah, so in small like, I would say, modality is like, the way you take action. So for example, there’s a cardinal mode, which is


more like, before he started.

YQ 22:57

So Cardinal is like, basically, the, the one it’s, it goes very fast, if it’s just once this is a podcast, I cannot move my hands. So um, they want to start things they want to be the doesn’t have to be depressed, they want to start doing they want to, they want to do things that no other people have done before. And then the fixed ones are more like, they want to have routine things. They don’t want change. They want to do things about time. And again, while for Immutables. They are

Felicia 23:28

they like any anything, they’re okay with anything, don’t think, yes, it’s less,

YQ 23:33

they are not okay, if you ask them to do the same thing again, again. So they are more like they’re adaptable. So wherever you draw them, they can make their own they can change it up. So each of these elements are also divided into the three modalities. I think let’s use of sine as an example, because I think because of is a lot more physical, it’s a lot more tangible. So I guess we can imagine it better. So for example, in earth science, we have Cardinal Capricorn. So Capricorn basically is the Seagull and then one Capricorn. One is to build something that is very respected by other people, and they’re always like hard working. So imagine a goat that’s climbing up the mountain. I don’t know what you guys have seen a meme like the goat. Take our mountains. Hello. Yeah. So they’re just climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing and then for the energy moving it’s just like moving forward for and so that’s Cardinal so basically, they want to go up they want to be first while fix will be Taurus. Imagine the cow in the field is like is it a cow when they were the ones that used to plow maybe a buffalo so imagine

YQ 24:49

Hello, which is a Taurus basically says okay, I will move but maybe a bit slow and then very steady. So moving, moving, moving. Yes, they are moving but it’s more like a Basics. So it’s fixed right? Those are very slowly and then like not changing not changeable while a Virgo. But gorgeous, no animal. Virgo is more about the Vesta virgins but I’m a Virgo. I’m saying Virgo is that they whatever they’re doing, it needs to be practical, it needs to be helpful and needs to have like tangible results then by cutting the mutable, mutable, mutable because they are able to change things up, and then sometimes you can say, oh, Virgos are so perfectionist, but the Virgos say, No, I’m not perfectionist, because nothing I do is perfect. But I think more imagined, like the Virgo person would see things and then always want to be changing it up. No, okay, maybe this we’ve changed a bit, it will be better if I do this a bit. So there’s always a change happening. So yeah, if you compare the cardinal going up, if you compare the fixed just slowly plowing the fields, and then the mutable is more like, Okay, let’s see how we make we can make things better. And then there’s a lot of like movement when it comes to the practical things as well. So those are the different modalities. Interesting. Yeah. So personally, I use modality more in career profiling to see like, like, the pace of the pace of work that is most suitable for you. But that also depends like the whole birth chart the whole different the different different times involved. Yeah, so one of the things I guess we can talk about is like the sun versus the rest of the planets in your birth chart because in horoscopes what you look at is oh, you know, I’m born in May 13. That’s why I look at this sign. So I think the reason why they started doing that sun sign base is because it’s easy to tell people if you are born in this mind on this day, please read this versus if they were to ask like okay, read about your moon sign, then they will have to know the timings they will have to actually know their birth chart so or


capitalism tedious to search.

YQ 27:10

And then so to make it more easy for the editors for the astrologers these are the sun signs. Yeah. So the sun sign is our our being our person so it’s kind of like 10 people say is that what we need to achieve this lifetime to become a full person I really can’t say that. It’s more like I think it’s just you so purely you but because you have so many other things right? For example, you have mercury how you think and then also Venus is how you relate to other people how you show love Mars is how you take action. All these different planets can be in different signs which can mean that the different flavors the different ways of doing things can kind of pollute your your your self love. So sometimes people can say that oh, I am a maybe I’m a Taurus but I don’t feel Taurus at all. Only when I’m my Taurus, but so for example is maybe your Mercury is in Aries while your Venus is in Aries as well then it means that how you communicate how we think and also how you fall in love because Venus how we fall in love can be very fast because someone with a Taurus sun but Venus in Aries is like they fall very fast and people can say I thought Taurus very you know, yeah, this person Yeah, but because of the Venus being in Aries then it’s a it’s a very fast sign and it’s very excited and then they do it. Yeah,


but with a sunset kind of like Control demo. I can demo a little bit and say that oh no, you’re not supposed to do this. This is

YQ 28:45

how rigid the person is. But I think Aries takes on for everything. me as a person Aries rising and mercury in Aries but I think so for example someone with very fast falling in love but they are tourists that really after falling in love then they don’t feel the excitement then they can become the very boring person they are so then the partner that you know first got together with them Whoa, I thought you were very passionate about sudden suddenly you just want to stay at home do nothing then then the partner can be quite confused but for the person themselves that this is still me because number one I follow up easily. It’s me but number two, I also want just want to stay at home and play Candy Crush.

YQ 29:33

Birth for yourself. Um, are you comfortable sharing your rising?

Felicia 29:38

I’m okay. Okay. I’m a Pisces sun. Sagittarius for cancer rising and says you know Sagittarius moon. Yes, that’s it like two water signs and one fire sign my big tree. often find myself very conflict. I’ll get very people and why Yeah, I can’t. I feel so bad. I don’t know my tree signs or whether it’s really like me, but

YQ 30:07

I think you feel angry because of your Pisces like, oh, I cannot I must be like comfy and nice I’m a nice person. How can you How dare you say say that about me? I’m, I’m so good and then then sometimes can be in the mornings I am so nice to you. But then why are you not so nice to me? Oh, yeah, like I just


said this today

YQ 30:31

oh my goodness, it just sun coming out and then and then

Felicia 30:36

I say this to me, how can he be so rude to me. But the thing is, I’ve been so nice to him. Because he was very like, I think he was I think he was just being like a little bit

YQ 30:53

his talk or I think that the people who can hear tone is they’re they’re very water heavy, because it’s like, emotionally I can feel what you were saying. Yeah, because water is like the, the protocol like the sixth sense, I can feel what you’re feeling. And this is made up in your head

YQ 31:25

okay, maybe you think a bit too much. But of course, other people might also be like, quite aware like that. But there is the whole lesson or we need to learn this lifetime. Maybe how we operate may not be how other people operate. And then if you want to be like, make like other people comfortable what you need to do, but of course, you still need to be yourself. So that’s like, the whole thing that we need to learn in this lifetime, which is why everyone should take up astrology so that you can learn who you actually are. Haha. I feel that sometimes because when we’re growing up people have expectations on us. And then for some signs in particular so for example, Libra or even Pisces it’s like they can be quite malleable or they can be color Oh, I should do whatever other people say so that they can be happy and then sometimes we lose that part of ourselves. Yeah, people pleasing and then we lose like who we really are. And then for me it’s like understanding my own birth chart maybe you realize hey, so for example when I was growing up right all the teachers every report card will say she’s talkative and then I want to talk and then when I started first time learning astrology I realized that the the senior pointed out Hey, your Mercury is near the ascendant it means you’ve talked a lot then I think I could hear like angels singing in the sky. oh me oh my goodness, that’s me then. Then for me I guess I found self acceptance because the teachers made it seem like when you talk about Yeah, you’re not allowed to talk then going on? Because if I Why am I talking so much? Why am I doing that but once I realized that my birth chart that it is natural for me to talk and then I guess I forgave myself or for feeling bad that I shouldn’t be talking about but then it’s my being understanding that hey, this is me like I want to talk so I think if if parents can also buy but the thing is parents if they look at their kids birth chart they can also have like expectations on them but you don’t have expectations but actually look at the birth chart and understand the other person better I think that would be amazing. Yeah. versus trying to control the people when you know what they’re both not gonna go

Felicia 33:48

Oh, yeah, I think I think like after Pisidian noted there was like these three big signs last time Oh, like I don’t know, I believe also believes like the tubing. Yeah. But I don’t know if I’m doing that make sense. I realized that I could understand people a little bit just a little bit better like why they Agen salaries. For example, I want some people so nonconfrontational. I didn’t want to fight me. What do you want to talk to ya? Oh, Libra, okay. Yeah, yeah,

YQ 34:16

then then your mind is sending because you’re not like fight. Yeah, but sometimes you have to tell the Libra person that they are shirking the actual responsibility of like, having the, I guess having the productive conversation so that both parties are satisfied versus like, if you try to hire person so much. Then the other person was over here, I want you to be happy then then like, the seesaw, is, I think there’s no balance. And so for the Libras, who really understand that for balance to happen, both sides need to be on the same page and then you can’t just be giving so much if what you’re seeking is fairness and then understanding and, of course, I believe a person is I understand that if you say Allah doesn’t mean the person hates you, because sometimes the person will hate me. That’s why I don’t talk about it. But the other person, I guess, if for example for you, right, if you are able to, productively bring it out for the boyfriend, then it’s also growth for them as well because they realize that, hey, if I do focus on my feelings, she’s okay with that. And then I have to then then for them, it’s like a growth process versus like, staying in their comfort zone of just like, oh, I won’t talk about it because other people get mad at me.


Which is the one really more indecisive.

YQ 35:39

It took us a think about what you want.

Felicia 35:42

Because I’ve heard from a client, she came to me for reading. And she told me that she wanted to make a decision, but then she was friendly. Brian, she doesn’t know like, which decision was the best? And I was like, oh, Libra indecisive people. And

YQ 35:57

yeah, so So I think for Libra is that they focus a lot about what other people are thinking as well. So yeah, it’s I can’t make a decision until I know what everyone thinks. But they insight they already have a decision. It’s just that they want to hear what other people say. Oh, where did they take up your decision? They like advice or not. They want to feel that oh, I’m making it right. Because I’m like, considering all different facets of what might happen. While other signs can be like, my way or the highway then then so that’s quite different. So so my road the highway will be Aries which is my opposite Libra. So


it is opposite of Libra. Yes, yes.

YQ 36:40

So on the chart itself, right. So so the Peter pi, each three degrees opposite there something so for example, Aries opposite Libra Aries is like the impatient model. Libra is a more considered and then Aries like direct and then Libra is more like oh and then Taurus will be opposite Scorpio so Taurus is more like Oh, I like the physical things nice things I don’t want change. And then Scorpio would be like changes inevitable, why are you still stuck where you are and then they are very comfortable changed they know that if things are rotting we need to clean up versus just like you know, sitting in a rock because it’s very comfortable. And then if we go down the signs will be Gemini so Gemini, they love collecting data, they just love Oh, this information they collect collect, while the opposite will be Sagittarius who are more like knowledge. So it’s an all I have gathered all these different knowledge. And then so for example, a Gemini will be on a stack of readings to do while while Sagittarius is more like Wikipedia, where where people have good, synthesize everything and then the knowledge comes in and then then moving down will be cancer. So cancer is more like Oh, emotionally, what’s comfortable, what’s safe, maybe they love family. While Capricorn is more like okay, I want to be out there. I want to be doing things I want people to admire me while I can start small, I’m comfortable at home, and then


admire them. Capricorn.

YQ 38:09

That is they want to be very high up. They don’t say that piece of Miami, that’s a Leo thing. But they they’re doing things so that people can see that there are them graded things that they’re doing. They they they actually don’t care about whether you admire them or not, unless you are very important and very, like high status, for example, can be doing things and then you say oh my god, that’s so great. And he’s like I don’t need your attention. It’s not you know, it’s my father. So usually Capricorns I want to please my daddy. Then moving on, we have Leo So Leo is more like a slightly more like self focuses. Oh, I’m shining and bright. Well, Aquarius is more like, oh, let’s think about the community. Let’s think about like more broad. How can we be humanitarian? How can everyone be saved? Well, Leo can be more like self focused, or more like things coming up from their own, hence the creativity comes up. And then the last one is Virgo. So Virgo is very precise versus Pisces. Not precise at all. Really? No. More like it’s a it’s a fog. It’s like a foggy, foggy, it’s a daily flow everywhere. It’s there to fishers, right. They just swim every everywhere they want to swim. Wow. See? This table needs to be 180 cm. And this is an 82 cm Excuse me. While Pisces can be like, oh, let’s maybe


this is a key.

YQ 39:38

It’s on there. And it’s not so nicely. It’s okay. It’s an angle. It’s very nice. Yeah. And then more laissez faire. Yeah, so, so those are opposite signs. And then they’re also called Sister signs because they just like are connected to each other. And then they can


be sisters. Oh, The devil is

YQ 40:02

the evil twin good twin. Yeah. Yeah, so I. So it’s also like both sides seem to learn from each other. So for example, someone with too much Aries yes, you’re living online amazingly doing everything on your own. But once you fulfill that you also cannot kind of have to. So for me, it’s like kind of like, for example, if you are growing up, you are only following what other people are telling you to do. Then you look at a birth chart, you live your own life first. And then once you have mastered that, then you kind of look out there how can you also be a participant in the community in the world? So because sometimes what can happen is that you’re so focused on yourself, I leave my birth chart to the max and everyone else is like I the victims. You live in your chart, the mindset that also is not not that amazing. So basically, everyone in the world also has a balance like me, and then you and everyone else, as well. Yeah.

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