Your Career Compass

Career Profiling with Astrology

Know your superpower and make sense of your life path with your personal birth chart.

Get clarity by living out your birth chart.

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S$197 for 45 minutes (+15 minute bonus)

Using your birthchart, we explore 

What's your life's mission, career and work you do
Who you really are: Your strength and weakness. Your work temperament.
Who do you serve? Who would pay you money? Who should you collaborate with?

With the ever changing landscape, I'm not able to pinpoint a particular job for you. (Try telling teenage you about a job as cryptocurrency trader.) 

But we'll be talking about the actions you'll be taking in your career or daily work.

Recommended timing: 30 minutes career profiling and 15 minutes Q&A

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What you'll get

Most importantly -- clarity/affirmation of your career path.

1. A 30-minute consultation explaining your Career Profiling using your astrological chart, and 15-minute Q&A (plus additional 15 minute bonus)

2. A recording of our session together hosted on a private link for your reference.

3. A computer-generated transcript of our session.

How I Conduct a Career Profiling Session

Career Profiling for a company!

Who this is not for

This is not for you if:

1. You're below 30 years old. (The astrology birth chart kicks in after that age.)

2. You expect me to pin point a job title for you to pursue.

3. You don't want to take action after the session.


Thank you, YQ! I feel this profiling is super useful to get to know and rediscover my self. And also how to apply to current situation. I now know that moving forward job-wise, I have to change! 

Definitely gave me a booster to where Iā€™m heading to and also, you pointed out areas I could improve on. Will highly recommend to friends! šŸ‘šŸ»

YQ (not myself, lol)

I had many lightbulb moments during the astrology consultation. 

It's really encouraging and I want to put my energy in the right direction this year.


Financial planner

It literally caught me off guard, captivated by your full of smiles and bubbly personality only to realize your words carried a lot of weight. I am now confident of projecting and executing my next move in time to come.

As we gotten into the session minute by minute, more and more traits were uncovered. Some traits have always been a part of me as a strength yet I'm not consciously aware of, while the rest were totally new to me. Especially in a restrictive environment whereby I could not even put them to good use. 

The session also went deep into explanation in terms of characteristics, way of doing things on a day to day basis, clarity towards the kind of emotional struggles from time to time, and many more. The accuracy of the reading was mind-blowing. Thank you for your sharing!


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